Ernesto Suaste-Gomez received a doctorate degree in Biomedical Engineering in 1997 at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico. He has been a visiting scholar at several institutions including UC Berkeley, CSU Long Beach, NIH Bethesda MD, and Technical University of Ilmanau, Germany. Currently, he is a professor at the Electronic Engineering Department, Cinvestav-IPN. He teaches graduate courses in biomedical engineering and his research domain involves areas related to Human Vision, Eye Behavior and Biomedical Instrumentation in Variability Cardiac and Pupil Reflex. He is also interested in developing and applying new materials such as ferroelectric, piezoelectric, piezopolymers, pyroelectrics in the design of sensors and transducer.  In addition, he also works on applications of sensors, actuators, transducers for ultrasonic imaging, positioning systems, energy harvesting and microelectronic devices associate at Biomedical Engineering.

My institution of work is in “Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional” (CINVESTAV-IPN) is a Center of Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico City. I am professor-researcher, Department of Electrical Engineering, Bioelectronics Section.
The Cinvestav-IPN was created in 1961 by presidential decree as a public agency with legal personality and its own assets. Its founding director, Dr. Arturo Rosenblueth, prompted a formal demand that has resulted in the success of the institution. The Cinvestav-IPN has twenty-eight research departments that are distributed by the nine campuses throughout Mexico.
In Cinvestav-IPN carried out research in different areas of science and technology which improve the living standards and promote the development of the country.
The lines of research in different areas of knowledge in the Cinvestav-IPN works, such as Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Health, Technology and Engineering Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities.
For Cinvestav-IPN is very important to let you know publications and advances in research carried out through publications in various media. In addition to informing a wide audience (magazine) on the development and products of science and technology research; the contents of the magazine trying to identify and encourage discussion about issues relevant to the disciplines and around the development of society.
The Cinvestav-IPN organizes community events related to the area Academic, Scientific, Cultural, and Special include conferences, symposia. Also, our main goal is to build an international network that gives the students and the researchers the facility to interact with other countries and promote intercultural development
Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional (CINVESTAV IPN) http://www.cinvestav.mx
Av. Instituto Politécnico Nacional 2508, Col. San Pedro Zacatenco, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, México D.F. Código Postal 07360 Apartado Postal: 14-740, 07000 México, D.F. - Ver ubicación Tel: +52 (55) 5747 3800
Best regards,
Dr. Ernesto Suaste-Gómez. http://www.sugoer.blogspot.mx/ esuaste@cinvestav.mx
Profesor Titular Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Sección de Bioelectrónica.Postal: 14-740,7000 México, D.F. - Ver ubicación

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